Organisational Trauma – An Overview & Orientation exploring how an organisation can be traumatised, and co-enquiring into ways of working systemically

18th March 2022
Virtual via Zoom

There is a blindspot in Organisational Development practice. Most coaches, consultants and business leaders have not even considered that an organisation can be traumatised. We know little about the effects of collective trauma on leadership development, decision-making, team dynamics and organisational culture, yet unaddressed organisational trauma impacts service delivery at every level of the value chain and weakens an organisation’s ability to respond to internal and external challenges. Especially in this time of global pandemic, understanding how to recognise and work effectively with organisational trauma is fundamentally important for coaches, consultants and leaders alike.

What will we learn?

In this 1-day virtual workshop, we shall be sharing state-of-the-art thinking about organisational trauma and considering questions such as:

  • What do we mean by ‘Organisational Trauma’?
  • What about susceptibility and resilience - why do some organisations become traumatised while others do not?
  • What precipitates organisational trauma and what are the symptoms?
  • How do we work with organisational trauma? When do we focus on the individual and when on the system?
  • What is the role of leaders and leadership in assuaging organisational trauma?
  • What skills and capacities do coaches and consultants working in this field need to cultivate?
  • What are the implications of this emerging field of practice for systemic practitioners and how do the principles of Systemic Constellations apply?
  • What is the connection between trauma and transformation?
  • Who are the leading thinkers in this field?

Trauma belongs as much to wider interconnected systems as it does to individuals, yet most of our received wisdom about working with trauma is based on perspectives from individual therapy. More recent thinking about collective trauma is opening up important avenues of exploration for coaches, consultants and facilitators who might be working with organisations that have been traumatised. We need to start thinking about how to clean the fishtank rather than how to heal the fish.

Structure & Ethos

This day will offer a series of lively inputs of both theory and practical case studies, which we will discuss in small breakout groups and in plenary. We will be enquiring together into where the emerging knowledge-base about organisational trauma resonates with and fits our own professional practice. Within a confidential framework, you will be invited to share your own anonymised examples of where you are working with possible organisational trauma, and what you are or could be doing about it. There will be an opportunity for an Action Learning / Peer Coaching process to help surface possible new ways of working effectively with organisational trauma.

Following the Workshop

What we can cover in a 1-day virtual overview of the field is limited. For those who wish to enhance their understanding of how to recognise and work with organisational trauma, we will set up a ‘Further & Deeper’ Co-Enquiry Group after the workshop, to continue researching and developing ‘best practice’ in this area.. Further information will be given at the workshop.

Who should come?

This workshop is suitable for internal HR professionals and leaders, as well as external coaches, consultants and facilitators who wish to learn how to identify and work with organisational trauma. Participants who have been trained in Systemic Coaching and Constellations are particularly welcome.

Refund policy

In order to keep prices affordable, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places or missed sessions. It might be possible to transfer your place to another person you nominate, with sufficient notice. In exceptional circumstances we will consider offering you a place on another meus programme within 6 months of the date of your original booking.

Leading the workshop

Ty Francis PhD

Ty is an experienced Organisational Development professional with over 35 years of coaching and consulting experience at senior levels in global corporations, and in the Government & Public sectors. His doctoral research as a social psychologist was in the field of breakthrough and transformation. He is a Constellations teacher and systemic practitioner, and has published numerous articles on systemic practice generally, and specifically on new directions in Gestalt coaching and on Constellations Supervision. The founder and a director of meus, Ty's abiding interest is in creative and compassionate approaches to leadership and organisational transformation.

£300 ex. VAT
per person

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