First Steps to Emergent Knowledge an experience of the fundamentals of 'clean coaching' and its links to constellations

25th February 2022
Virtual - by Zoom

There are two knotty problems we all face as coaches: how do we skilfully support the realisation of deep insight and transformational breakthroughs for our clients? And (increasingly these days) how do we work with high-functioning clients who are touched by trauma?

The ‘Clean Coaching’ process of Emergent Knowledge suggests a powerful, simple and systemic approach to these questions. Emergence is a fundamental feature of complex, adaptive systems and is also a way we can learn to think and operate – a way of making sense of the world through understanding patterns and shifting the focus of what we pay attention to…

In this one-day virtual workshop – which will be highly participative and experiential - you will learn the fundamentals of Emergent Knowledge (and its origins in Clean Coaching) and be able to coach in this way yourself. At the end of the workshop, we will also make space to explore its resonance with Constellations work.

Gareth Evans, who is leading the workshop, says, “Have you ever had the experience of coming to realise you knew more than you actually thought you did? That moment when a background sense of things emerged into full view – a splendid, well-shaped and blossoming awareness that helped rearrange your mental furniture? Are you curious to experience, and learn, some more about a way of facilitating this more effectively for yourself and others? I shall take us through the fundamentals of David Grove’s Clean Coaching and Emergent Knowledge approach… All you need is a space to move around in, some paper and something to draw or write with, and a willingness to get up and out of your chair and step into a novel way of supporting yourself and your clients to facilitate their own self-discovery…”

Who should come?

This workshop is for all coaches who wish to expand their repertoire of systemic interventions, and develop non-invasive ways of working with presence. It is especially useful for coaches who have had some Constellations training and experience – as there are important echoes in both approaches of working ways that are deeply embodied, spatially-informed, emergent and compassionate.

What will you learn?

On this 1-day virtual workshop we will cover:

  • The basic principles, processes and practices of Emergent Knowledge
  • How to use the three fundamental parts of a Clean Coaching session to help people reveal their own emergent knowledge, as applied to an issue or a goal they want to work with
  • The way in which physical space – with a little light structure, a few simple questions and lots and lots of iteration – can become richly ‘psycho-active’ and alive with meaning, insight, possibility and discovery
  • Just enough of the theory behind what David Grove was up to when he created Clean Coaching and Emergent Knowledge to help you deepen into what is going on
  • Creating a personal metaphor for learning and what you want to have happen
  • How to set the scene for using Clean Coaching with your clients
  • What the similarities and synergies are with systemic Constellations.

With demonstrations provided throughout and lots of opportunities to practice in pairs and small groups to build up your skills, this should be a fun, enticing and engaging experience…

Refund policy

In order to keep prices affordable, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places or missed sessions. It might be possible to transfer your place to another person you nominate, with sufficient notice. In exceptional circumstances we will consider offering you a place on another meus programme within 6 months of the date of your original booking. 

Leading the Learning

Gareth Evans is a Senior OD Practitioner at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. He is also Convenor and lead for the North Wales Public Services OD Network. He works with leaders, teams and functions across health and social care, creating ‘thinking spaces’ where managers can reflect and explore their experience from different perspectives. He had a background working as a mental health nurse with children, young people and families before stepping into strategic Organisation Development.

£290 ex. VAT
per person

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