Diversity & Inclusion at Work How we practice exclusion & what we can do to change it...

8th December 2021

Diversity & Inclusion are hot topics on the corporate agenda as well as in society as a whole. Movements including #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ and even events such as the Olympics, are rightly forcing us to look more deeply at how we relate across issues of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, para-ability, neurodiversity and more...  Yet many people who identify 'in the majority' feel ill-equipped and awkward in navigating these areas of D&I... This workshop offers coaches, consultants and managers a chance to look honestly at their own understanding of, and response to the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We will spend the day looking at our own cognitive/conscious/unconscious biases; our relationship to concepts of privilege, discrimination, exclusion, intersectionality and more; and look at ways that we can create real inclusion within our selves, our workplaces and our communities.

What can I hope to gain from participating?

  • Develop a greater understanding of D&I issues and approaches at work
  • Consider the place of 'Equity' - the difference of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Learn the language of DE&I - what terms like 'intersectionality', NB and CIS-gendered mean!
  • Recognise and critically reflect upon our own cultural biases
  • Understand how and where we have carried our exclusionary practices, and create ways to change
  • Create a more inclusive approach in your own practice and workplace

Who would benefit from this programme?

Anyone who is new to this area and would like more information on the often confusing and challenging field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is warmly invited. In particular, we welcome coaches and consultants as well as managers, who identify 'in the majority' and would like to understand how to contribute to a more inclusive, comfortable and fair workplace for clients, colleagues and employees.

Structure & ethos

This workshop will be offered via zoom and will be structured around 3 x 2-hour enquiries:

  • Introduction to DE&I - Mapping the territory: looking at terms relating to diversity, equity and inclusion and understanding the importance and sensitivities involved. How could we create an environment where we can have more open dialogue on issues that might cause offence?
  • Personal bias in practice - How we encourage exclusion and what we can do to change it.
  • Organisational bias - Diversity is being invited to the party, Inclusion is being asked to dance... What does it look like and how do we practice DE&I at work, with our clients and clients?

We will create a welcoming, confidential and compassionate space where participants will be asked to explore their own beliefs and blindspots in relation to DE&I, in a non-judgemental manner. Our intention is to create a space conducive to learning and challenging our often-unconsciously held assumptions, in order to facilitate personal, organisational and social change. Participants will be guided through a number of exercises, conversations and interactive explorations, and have time for discussion and deep personal reflection.

Refund policy

In order to keep prices affordable, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places or missed sessions. It might be possible to transfer your place to another person you nominate, with sufficient notice. In exceptional circumstances we will consider offering you a place on another meus programme within 6 months of the date of your original booking. 

Leading the workshop

Johanne Webb is a family constellations facilitator, theatremaker, speaker, mother and activist. She leads the Women’s Division of Roots in Africa and Ireland, is part of the editorial board of Unapologetic magazine. Her family is rooted both in Ireland and East Africa-Kenya & Ethiopia. She is passionate about working to create a society in the West that is willing to look at its past with a critical and compassionate eye in order to create a truly inclusive society for the future.

£270 ex. VAT
per person

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