Constellations PLUS Systemic Transformation

Module 1: 20th–21st February 2020
Module 2: 11th–12th June 2020
Module 3: 2nd–3rd November 2020
Chester, UK


An advanced-level, systemic learning circle & masterclass series, for practitioners with previous constellations training.

Do you want to hone your constellating skills, and / or integrate the theory and micro-practices of this work in to your everyday professional practice, without actually setting up a constellation? This Learning Circle & Masterclass Series promises to significantly enhance your ability to make embodied, systemic and dialogic interventions in your coaching, consulting, facilitation and Organisational Development practices.

Constellations PLUS includes Constellations at its core, but goes beyond teaching about the conventional form of the constellation (ie in a ‘holding' circle with representatives) to integrate this innovative systemic practice in to participants' work as coaches, consultants, facilitators, trainers, managers and other development professionals. We will therefore explore both phenomenological and structural constellations in their one-to-one and group formats, and also - importantly - what it means to constellate without using the constellation form itself.

Structure & Ethos

Structured in 3 x 2-day modules over 2020, the learning approach this year will have a dual focus on:

  • ‘Outer’ organisational work (including an exploration of the theme of Transformation as well as continuing work on the systemic dimensions of Leadership, Team Development, Team Coaching, Change Management, Conflict, and Competition)
  • 'Inner’ personal work (centred around an exploration of Trauma, including working with Shame & Guilt as responses that prevent personal and systemic transformation).

In addition, each module will include opportunities for ‘live’ case study reviews drawn from your own professional practice; and supervision of your own constellations work, and its integration in your everyday business practice. It is this emphasis - along with looking at systemic practice more widely - that gives the learning Circle & Masterclass series its name – Constellations PLUS (Practice & Learning Under Supervision).

Importantly, the teaching on each module will respond to your specific, personal and professional development needs as a participant. A focus on your own inner journey as a coach, manager, or other organisational practitioner is a central feature of the programme. Therefore, an openness to exploring your own life-themes (and a commitment to working compassionately with yourself and with others) is a pre-requisite of participation, as we will be looking beyond the levels of technique and skill to the deeper issues of stance, presence and the development of your ’signature style'.

A new feature in 2020 will include the sensitive use of film, as a support to learning. Boundaries around filming will be agreed with the group at the first meeting, and applicants on to the programme are welcome to discuss any concerns about working with this medium with Ty Francis in advance.

Each 2-day module will include:

  • Teaching about applications to everyday organisational themes/issues brought by you as participants and offered within the Learning Circle & Masterclass Series structure (described above)
  • Teaching inputs about both the techniques and stance of constellating, including Structural Constellations and working with 'intact teams'
  • Working on 'live' case study material brought by you as group members
  • Constellations skills practice in pairs, triads, small groups and as a whole group
  • Work on both ‘desktop’ (1-2-1) and ‘workshop’ (group) styles of Constellating
  • Applications in systemic practice with and without using the typical constellation form (with representatives)

Logistics & Cost

Module 1: 20th - 21st February 2020
Module 2: 11th - 12th June 2020
Module 3: 2nd - 3rd November 2020

Day 1: 10.00 - 18.00
Day 2: 09.00 - 16.30

£2,500 (ex VAT) per person, for the 6 days (3 x 2-day modules, equivalent to approximately £390/day).
Some bursary support is available upon application.

This is a non-residential workshop. We can provide accommodation recommendations for local hotels and B&Bs upon request.

To explore if this Constellations PLUS Learning Circle & Masterclass is suitable for you, or if you have any questions, please contact Ty Francis on +44 (0) 7774 171830 or email him on

£2,500 ex. VAT
per person

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