Constellating Systems An intermediate-level programme developing your skills as a Constellations facilitator

Workshop Dates: 13th–15th May 2020
Chester, UK

This personal and professional development programme over 3 days, builds on the popular ‘Seeing Systems’ foundation-level training in Systemic Constellations. It aims to deepen participants’ understanding of systemic dynamics and ability to work systemically. In particular, this programme begins the process of working directly with the ‘constellation’ as a systemic mapping technique. The curriculum goes more deeply in to the relationship between the ordering principles of systems, and the forms of loyalties that underpin belonging at work and in human community. There is a particular emphasis in this programme on personal development – on understanding the family dynamics which have shaped us all, and which influence our relating in teams, organisations and communities.

 Structure & Ethos

This will be a highly practical and experiential workshop, where we will explore ‘hidden dynamics’ in teams and organisations, and equip participants with the skills necessary to coach, facilitate and consult more systemically.

There will be a special emphasis on this programme, on better understanding the actual systems that we come from, work in and belong to – especially our own family system and how our earliest experience of its dynamics affects our role as organisational professionals.

The teaching style will be extremely participative and will respond to the needs of the group as they arise. Within this framework, the core content will include:

  • Deepening your stance as a systemic practitioner through understanding ‘The Orders of Helping’
  • The ‘flightpath’ of a constellation’
  • Process work – using sentences, movements and rituals
  • 1:1 Coaching Constellations using desktop and workshop forms
  • Exploring Change Management from this systemic perspective
  • Considering Leadership from this systemic perspective
  • Introducing Structural Constellations, including the Tetralemma, Values Square and more…
  • The relationship between developmental psychology and systemic philosophy – how the ‘inner critic’ keeps us loyal to dysfunctional patterns as adults
  • Opportunities for facilitating your own constellation with other participants

To ensure relevance and to make the learning approach directly applicable in practice, the workshop will be structured around ‘live’ issues, case studies and questions brought by you as participants.

Please note that we make sensitive use of film as a support to your learning process, in all meus workshops.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for people who have completed a ‘fundamentals’ training programme and have a basic awareness of Constellations principles and practices. You will be looking to deepen your practical skills as a Constellations facilitator OR seeking to apply this systemic approach in a more integrated way in your own professional modality as a coach, consultant or facilitator; manager or corporate Learning & Development executive; educator or other ‘helping professional’.

Price & refund policy

 In order to keep prices affordable, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places. It might be possible to transfer your place to another person you nominate, with sufficient notice. In exceptional circumstances we will consider offering you a place on another meus programme within 6 months of the date of your original booking.

Some learning bursaries are available upon application.

£800 ex. VAT
per person

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