Clean Language, Clean Space & Emergent Knowledge a 3 day masterclass for coaches wishing to stimulate and deepen their coaching practice

12th–14th April 2022
Chester, UK

Clean Coaching is a style, strategy and set of techniques that help coachees gain insight and make changes through discovering more about their own ‘insider’ perspective: of themselves and the world around them. Through the use of specifically-phrased, structured coaching questions, the coach’s own biased perspectives are stripped from their language, ensuring the coachee’s unique personal experience is honoured. With no distraction, the coachee’s imagination is free to flourish and new ideas and understandings can emerge.

Coaches and facilitators will be introduced to, and invited to experiment with, David Grove’s contribution to the therapeutic and coaching fields: CLEAN language, CLEAN Space and the Power of Six – Emergent Knowledge. Grove spent over 10 years honing the questions he addressed to his clients, finally refining them down to 9 basic questions and a further 9 specialist questions. He developed a specific syntax that gave a patterned trajectory to his questions. These questions and this syntax enabled his clients to engage with their metaphorical landscapes internally or, as in his later work, spatially. The result is a transformation of clients' perceptions of their lived experience.

The simplicity of the iterative question and a series of coded movements expressed spatially by the client is not unlike some of the practices found in Systemic Constellations - a practice that is extremely compatible with Clean Coaching.

This is an extremely powerful and versatile approach to coaching. As Lynne Burney - who is delivering the Masterclass and who has been teaching this work since 2008 - says, “I have widely used David Grove’s techniques with international company teams, executive boards, managing directors, coaches, therapists... I have worked with them in museums and art galleries; I have worked on land, on boats, in parks, on riverside walks, in my office and in off-site venues all over France and elsewhere... I never cease to marvel at the power of this work to transform teams and individual clients.”

Structure & ethos

This will be a highly practical and experiential Masterclass. There will be a lively mix of theoretical inputs, group discussions, practical exercises in pairs and small groups, and Q&A ‘clinics’ where each participant can get their most pressing questions answered. In addition, to demonstrate the creativity and versatility of this work, there will be opportunities for outdoors practice and application in appropriate and inspiring public spaces. 

Day 1: Discover and practice CLEAN Language

  • 9 basic questions / their intention / the syntax of CLEAN / the question in service of the client’s metaphor
  • Working with metaphorical landscapes: inner landscapes, externalised landscapes using drawing, cards, representation……
  • A CLEAN set up

Day 2: Discover and practice CLEAN Space

  • Embodied information & how it expresses itself in the field
  • A CLEAN Start: establishing a relationship between self and an externalised desire
  • CLEAN Space using information adjacent to the client’s desired outcome
  • CLEAN Space with a single focus and 6 perceptual points

Day 3: Discover and practice Emergent Knowledge

  • The theory of Six and Emergent Knowledge - the power of the iterative question
  • Using ordinals or cardinals to create pressure on the client’s system
  • Questioning the client or questioning the space?
  • The power of six and some applications: “The Compelling Question” / “The Company Vision”
  • Wrap up and farewells

Who should attend

This workshop is suitable for all coaches and therapists who wish to deepen and re-energise their practice. It is suitable both for coaches who are new to the CLEAN approach as well as these who have some experience of CLEAN and who wish to extend their understanding and application of this powerful work, and / or receive some supervisory support. Participants who have been trained in Systemic Constellations are particularly welcome, as Lynne is a trained Constellator who integrates aspects of both approaches in her client work.

Refund policy

In order to keep prices affordable, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places or missed sessions. It might be possible to transfer your place to another person you nominate, with sufficient notice. In exceptional circumstances we will consider offering you a place on another meus programme within 6 months of the date of your original booking. 

Leading the Masterclass

Lynne Burney is a New Zealander, based in Paris, and is recognised as an expert in CLEAN Coaching techniques in France where she has been teaching CLEAN coaching to experienced coaches since David Grove’s passing in 2008. She worked with David Grove extensively over a period of 6 years, acquiring, deepening and honing these three techniques of Clean Language, Clean Coaching and Emergent Knowledge. She brings to this Masterclass not only the CLEAN skill set but also the CLEAN 'posture' which is best summed up by Bert Hellinger’s framing of Love as “Seeing + Distance – Judgement.” Lynne is a Master Coach with the International Coaching Federation and served for 10 years on the ICF's international body as a coach assessor. She is also trained in and practices Systemic Constellations work. 

£1,250 ex. VAT
per person

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