APPLYING CONSTELLATIONS IN BUSINESS A blended in-person and online learning circle for organisational practitioners

Module 1 - In Person Constellations Practicum 12th–13th February 2025
Module 2 - virtual seminar: Change Management 3rd April 2025
Module 3 - virtual seminar: Team Dynamics 12th June 2025
Module 4 - virtual seminar: Money 2nd September 2025
Module 5 - virtual seminar: Family Businesses 6th November 2025

In most client situations such as meetings, it is neither possible nor desirable to suddenly offer a constellation. Instead, we have to master the art of 'constellating without the constellation' - of applying our understanding of systemic principles (The Orders of Love) and aspects of methodology (including sentences and movements) more seamlessly, in the moment of our coaching, consulting and facilitation conversations. To do this we have to understand how Constellations theory relates to real-world business issues such as Change Management; Collaboration; Money; Team Dynamics; and working with family businesses. Yet these applied aspects of the work are rarely taught...

In this Learning Circle, we will spend time exploring these themes experientially through the medium of Constellations, in a 2-day in-person kick-off workshop. This in-person workshop will provide an opportunity to explore your personal / professional issues as well as your client issues, with Ty Francis demonstrating both phenomenological and structural approaches to constellating. For those participants who wish to take their practice to the next level, Ty will also offer 'shadow supervision' when you constellate your colleagues' issues with Ty providing development feedback that will help you find your 'signature style' as a constellator. In addition, we will have 4 half-day (afternoon) online sessions when we explore how to apply our systemic understanding by 'constellating without the constellation'. These virtual modules will build on the experiential in-person workshop, by exploring the same themes - and others that arise for the group.

What will we cover?

The in-person kick-off module provides the opportunity for you to do your own (or your clients') constellations with Ty constellating and teaching from this 'live' work. We will base this experiential work on the five themes of the learning journey, but not be restricted to them - participants are welcome to explore constellations on any relevant personal, professional or client topics they choose. At the same time, exploring these business topics experientially provides an important basis for the later online enquiries, which will have a more 'applied' emphasis.

The broad themes are:

  • Change Management (including Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Team Dynamics (including leaving and joining, associateships and collaboration)
  • Money
  • Working with family businesses (including founders, 'twin systems' and Diversity & Inclusion).

The 4 virtual learning circles will cover each business topic in turn, from the perspective of systemic constellations, where we will see how The Orders of Love, the theory of Consciences, and aspects of methodology translate directly in to your client practice. The online sessions will have a mix of input, discussion, 'real world' case study exploration and also experimentation with your peers. We will explore in detail how to apply constellations without constellating.


Among the expected learning outcomes and therefore the benefits of this blended learning journey are:

  • Clarity how to apply constellations principles and 'micropractices' in everyday business meetings and away days, without setting up a constellation
  • Understanding of, and practice in relating core constellations theory (The Orders of Love, The Orders of Helping, and Consciences) to business issues including change management, team, dynamics, money, family businesses, and more...
  • Individual support to develop your own 'signature' constellating and consulting style
  • The support of an active peer group of experienced practitioners to explore and develop your current professional development edge and client issues
  • Opportunities to have your own personal, professional and client supervision issues constellated

Who should attend?

This workshop is for internal and external coaches, consultants and OD practitioners working in commercial, public and non-profit sectors - as well as for internal managers. You will be an experienced practitioner, working on complex projects with major organisations. Ideally, you will have already completed training in Organisational Constellations. You are at a point in your practice where you want to develop your 'signature style' of working with Constellations and yet you are unsure how this body of work transfers directly into business contexts - particularly when you do not have the opportunity to 'do a constellation' in the middle of a client meeting or when constellating on an awayday does not seem appropriate. Importantly, you want to apply the learning about Change, Collaboration, Money, Team Dynamics and Family Businesses to your own business.

Price & refund policy

The cost of this extended learning journey is £1250 ex VAT. Payment is preferred in full, in advance - although some split payments are possible upon request. As we want as many practitioners as possible to benefit from this work, a small number of reduced-price bursaries are also available upon request. Please email for details.

To keep prices affordable, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places. We are happy to transfer your place to another person you nominate, or we will offer you an equivalent place on another meus programme within 12 months of your original booking.

Please note that this is a non-residential workshop and you will be expected to arrange your own overnight accommodation. The venue we use offers discounted accommodation using a code we will provide and we can also suggest local hotels and B&Bs upon request.

To explore if this event is suitable for you, or if you have any questions, please contact Ty Francis on +44 (0) 7774 171830 or email him on

Leading the Learning Circle

Ty is a 'first generation' UK Constellator and has been running Constellations workshops and teaching this systemic method of enquiry for nearly 30 years. He is a successful Gestalt-trained coach, supervisor and consultant specialising in Cultural Transformation – working in the space between Change Management, Communications and Leadership & Team Development with some of the world’s leading corporations and institutes. A student of The Ridhwan School for 17 years, Ty has a committed spiritual practice which also informs his Constellations work. While his professional experience is in Organisational Constellations, Ty is passionate about the importance of enabling deep-level personal shifts in business leaders, coaches and consultants – and so he synthesises family, business and social Constellations in his practice.

£1,250 ex. VAT
per person

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