many of us - individuals and organisations - struggle to achieve what we are capable of. When we are stuck in a story that is too small for us, transformation may be our only option. Yet how do we transform?

Meus helps leaders, teams and whole enterprises to understand what transformation means for them and how to realise it. We are creative catalysts and ‘guides’ who bring extensive expertise and experience of change to the transformation of strategies, relationships and results.

We enable transformation through the application of leading-edge thinking and our own innovative experiential practices (including film facilitation, storytelling, constellations and more). Each solution we provide is co-created with our clients, and is therefore uniquely tailored to their specific needs.

Ultimately, our work is all about people. Creating connection, belonging and aliveness is key to the outcomes we achieve for our clients.


our values of creativity, collaboration and compassion inform all that we do, and stand out as hallmarks of our approach. Most of all, we work with integrity.

Five principles underpin everything that we do:

  1. Working systemically. Transformation is never individual, but collective. We identify the unseen connections and hidden dynamics that impede or enhance personal and project success.
  2. Begin it now! Transformation is a process of creating 'clumsy solutions' for current problems - not about designing perfect plans for future implementation.
  3. Working with ‘what is’. Transformation cannot begin until we acknowledge where we are and the ‘truth’ of our situation.
  4. Choosing growth over fear. Transformation requires that we each confront what holds us back.
  5. Leadership is not a special kind of person, but a special kind of action. Transformation liberates each person’s potential to act courageously in the face of uncertainty.


we are creative catalysts who draw on leading-edge systemic approaches to transformation. We pioneer the use of film as an integral part of how we design & deliver experiences in our increasingly virtual, digital age.

Nobody works in the way that we do! We are not a production company - we are facilitators, coaches and consultants who understand the power of 'moving images' to bridge the space between leadership, change and communication.

The films that we create are more than simple records of breakthrough – they explore ‘living moments’ that connect us more fully to ourselves and to one another. Our films are not bolt-ons to our work, they make it possible to share these moments more widely, creating a transformative power in and through your organisation.


in partnership with you, we design and deliver experiences that accelerate leadership and team development, build employee engagement and enable an agile working culture where feedback is valued.

Working in partnership with you, we design and deliver solutions that accelerate leadership and team development; build employee engagement; and enable a vibrant working culture where feedback and agility are aligned.

Our clients engage us across five different but inter-related services:

  • Leadership & Team development. Inspiring performance and results by liberating the potential of your people.
  • Film facilitation. Adding creative challenge to strategic offsites, engaging the team while producing high-value communication assets in real-time.
  • Constellations. A leading-edge diagnostic process for revealing hidden dynamics and creating direction and momentum.
  • Coaching. Individual and team coaching from a systemic perspective.
  • Virtual Academy. Private, curated spaces containing resources that facilitate your organisation’s transformation.

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“Facilitation, combined with the filming process, helped the team’s confidence to grow rapidly, and spread the benefits of their project virally”
Valerio Pagano
Head of Finance IT, Swiss RE


systemic learning & development to spark your personal & organisational transformation

In both online and in-person settings, our open-access learning and development workshops are experiential, practical and participative.

We are leading exponents of Systemic Constellations, as well as Organisational Gestalt, and our workshops reflect this. Our workshops equip professionals from organisations, as well as independent coaches and consultants, with new tools, techniques, approaches and fresh perspectives that make a tangible difference to their personal practice, teams and businesses.

All workshops comprise a mixture of expert inputs, group discussions and practice sessions in pairs, triads and small groups. Within this structure we encourage participants to bring their own 'live' issues and real case studies for exploration and insight.

Our workshops run in locations across the UK and Europe - as well as online - and are regularly updated. Click on the links below to see our current workshops and book your place. 

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about meus

our community of facilitators, coaches and consultants, camera technicians and editors, educators and artists ensure we bring diversity and creativity to all our projects.

Founded in 2008 and directed by Ty Francis and Jon Riley, meus has developed a reputation for bringing creative, collaborative and systemic approaches to Organisational Development. We help our clients meet the challenges of increasing complexity and competition through unleashing the potential of people. Whether we work at the level of individual leaders, teams or the whole organisation, the meus community works together to create connection, belonging and aliveness.

Find out more about Ty Francis & Jon Riley

Ty Francis PhD

a social psychologist whose research explored ‘transformation’, Ty has a deep interest in creativity and in the experience of ‘breakthrough’. He uses his skills as a storyteller to elicit the essence of our human experience

“My work draws on systemic principles to design experiences that inspire deep connection between us, enabling us to relate to ourselves, to one another and to the world around us with more vitality, creativity and compassion.”

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Jon Riley

a systemic coach and facilitator with an abiding personal interest in technology, Jon combines the skills of drawing out people’s inner, emotional experiences and portraying them sensitively on film.

“My passion has always been about closing the gaps that sometimes exist between people. I’m at my best when creating compelling learning experiences and films that help us to discover greater depth and new dimensions in our most important relationships.”

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Find out more about the meus community

meus community

The meus community is a talent-pool of people with varied expertise in the ‘art of connection’.

We bring together unique combinations of people to create bespoke teams that serve our clients’ needs.

Drawn from the fields of design, art, film technology, branding, change consultancy, coaching, facilitation and education, our people bring creative solutions to individual, organisational and social transformation.

Pete Thompson


I have a background in social care and then worked as a BBC journalist, which gave me great storytelling skills which I use now as a cameraman, editor and film-maker. I’m deeply interested in humanising business and making films about ‘the eth word’ - ethics, values and the things we most care about as people.

Mike Meaney


I help build awareness, both personal and collective, of how we communicate with one another, how things fall apart and how we can learn to listen, talk and act more powerfully together for the common good. My skills as a musician and photographer greatly influence the ways in which I engage with others - facilitator, organisational development consultant and integrative psychotherapist.

Andrew Hassenruck


As a former BBC Editor I have worked on broadcast documentaries, animations and dramas for over 30 years. I love the variety of my work and see editing as a collaborative process, working with crews to craft the director’s vision in to the best programme possible. I really enjoy making films that dissolve the space between us and reveal people’s inner, authentic light.

Christine Stevens PhD


I combine my work as an artist and psychotherapist on projects that tackle complex social issues and effect community transformation. As a Gestalt psychotherapist I help individuals, couples and groups explore what is going on in their lives; I am the editor of The British Gestalt Journal and an international psychotherapy trainer to doctoral level. As an artist, I work in clay and run workshops for personal and professional development from my studio.

Annie Hartridge & Charlotte Rutherford


We are a creative team of designers who bring passion, fresh perspectives and thoughtfulness to branding and graphic communications. As well as graphics, we collaborate in digital communications including website design and social media. We love executing campaigns that bring companies, communities and clients closer together.

who we work with

We work with global corporations and public sector organisations, as well as charities, groups and individuals.

We collaborate with our clients throughout the process of our engagement, and enable them to leverage the value of their films to engage people in transformation.

Contact us to explore how our unique mix of Organisational Development and film-making can help you unleash connection, belonging and aliveness in your people and stakeholders. We would love to connect!


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